Why Choose 1ClickHeat


With one easy App, you can now manage and oversee all accounts through your mobile phone. Communicate directly with tenants and technicians through the App, saving you time and energy.


Sign up new tenants faster and easier than ever before. Use the GPS tracking feature to see where and when your technician will arrive. With on-demand customer service, tenants and technicians have 24/7 accessibility to our support team.


By automating the installation process, and allowing tenants to book their own service calls, it gives everyone the freedom and convenience for better service.
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1ClickHeat'S Great Features

Our technology is designed to make home comfort as seamless as possible. From start to finish, experience the installation process through the power of automation!

Premium Quality

Rest assured that you will be getting the best prices and the best service guaranteed.

User Friendly

The App will guide you, step-by-step, from placing a work order to adding new products.

Add Properties

Easily add new properties by filling out a simple online form and submitting it to your account.

Track Rebate

Gain the ability to view all your rebate information on all products.

Tenant Rotation

You can use our powerful service network to add and delete tenants with the push of a button.

24/7 Accessibility

You and your tenants will have access to our support team 24/7 for complete customer care.

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Have access to all features and enjoy a quick and easy user experience


Where automation is brought to your finger tips and waiting for your technician is a thing of the past.

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