Here at 1ClickHeat, we understand what property managers go through when dealing with HVAC agencies.

  • Too many hours wasted per month trying to communicate with HVAC rental companies
  • Large number of tenants are disappointed with issues that are outside the control of a property manager
  • Always sitting on hold or talking to multiple support people and not getting a direct answer to problems
  • No real-time tech support or service call tracking
  • Not having the ability to accept charges in real-time which delays operations and repairs forcing property managers to make multiple service calls
At 1ClickHeat, we saw a gap in the market when it came to communicating between tenants and HVAC technicians. Where others saw a problem, we saw a solution.

We developed an App that allows property managers to:

  • Have direct tracking of repairs and services to ensure compliance while having the work done within a timely fashion
  • Have the ability for the move in and move out process done within 15 seconds while giving full control to the property management group
  • Add new properties with just a click
  • Get services on any HVAC equipment either through warranty or COD
  • Purchase new products through the 1ClickHeat App
  • Contact customer service through a quick and easy application process
  • Schedule maintenance for your portfolio and pay with just one click
  • Make the entire installation process convenient and accessible 24/7

Why Choose 1ClickHeat?

By eliminating unnecessary positions and by automating many processes, 1ClickHeat can deliver a revolutionary experience that the HVAC industry has never seen before. The process will be faster, more cost effective and will have a less intrusive form of sales that both the property management and tenants will appreciate.

Additional benefits using the 1ClickHeat app:

  • You can get rebates for all returns of current equipment
  • You can get rid of your old units by letting us purchase out equipment and add a warranty sale or finance
  • You or your property management team can get out of the vicious rental cycle
  • You can save more money and have better service for you and your tenants
With 1ClickHeat, you can be rest assured that you will be getting the best prices and the best service out there.